Matt & Megan's E-SESSION: Getting to know your Clients

The moment I met Matt & Megan when they visited me in my studio for the consultation meeting, I knew this two re lovely people. They are easy to talk to and they exactly knew what they are wanting to have on their special day. But that is not the only thing I have noticed about the two, they are madly in love with each other. I can see them in their eyes, the way they look at each other and they way they hold each other's hands.

Part of every couple that book my services is the Engagement Session. This is a 2 hours FREE of Charge Session where we go out somewhere like the park to shoot the pre wedding session. A lot of people are asking why do I offer such services for free when other photographers charge a lot more money to have this included. My answer is simple, this helps me to know my clients a little bit more. I want to let them know how I work and how they can work with me. I want my clients to be familiar with me so that when the wedding comes, we have already established working relationship.

I find it beneficial to know my clients first and vice versa so that my clients does not like my style, and my performance during this shoot, they can professionally say, "look Anthony, We are not just suited for each other". That will give them the time to find another photographer to work with during their wedding.

Engagement and Clients' consultations are the best way to be able to get that professional relationship with the couple.

I think I am not losing money having it free but I am just adding value to the services I am offering to my clients. I want them to tell their family and friends ANTHONY MELENDREZ PHOTOGRAPHY is very credible business and easy to get a long with. I want them to tell people that we are not just about money but we have great professional ethics, we value our costumers and we offer good value for money.

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